Saturday, May 5, 2007

Closed on the Building & into ACTION!

Holy Purple Cow!

The week has been a blur. We started on Monday by closing on the building. Holly and I met with the previous owners, an AmSouth (now Mercantile Bank) Rep., the representative from Churchill Title and Ruth P from Stonebridge Realty. (They had to bring in extra chairs!)

After lots of signing and explaining the keys were presented to Holly. We took some pictures, shook hands and left. Reminded me of the feeling I had when I left the Hospital with my first child... Bridget. I remember closing the passenger side door for Holly... climbing in behind the wheel... turning the ignition and thinking quietly to myself... "Now what?" Despite those small moments of brief uncertaintly... I know it ALWAYS works out.

As if to put an exclaimation point on that, it has been nonstop action on all fronts.

We had a Gold video team come and shoot video inside the new building. (It looked awesome). We had the power turned on... as well as the water (more on that later). We have vacuumed, trimmed bushes, picked up trash... tons of work. And there is still much more to do. If you can volunteer any time... any time at all... PLEASE contact me. Even if it is just an hour or two on the weekend... or after work. There is much you can help with. Bring the kids there is stuff for them as well.

More details to follow.