Thursday, March 29, 2007

Expansion Meetings a Success!

Expansion Meeting #1 from Saturday March 24th

Thank you David Ziff and Janice Beaty for taking and sending me the terrific photos from Expansion Meeting #1.

We had a great Expansion Meeting #2 last night with several parents, kids, and even a minister from the community--all interested in helping us to create a great, safe space for our kids to learn and grow! I kind of blew it and didn't have a camera lined up for meeting number 2 (so I may be calling the folks that were there last night to "stage" a shot at some point.)

I do have a photagrapher lined up tonight and will try not to drop that ball again.

This is historic and I want to document it every step of the way! (Alice Messick even took video for us Saturday!)

Click here for photos from Saturday's Event


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