Thursday, March 29, 2007

Expansion Meetings a Success!

Expansion Meeting #1 from Saturday March 24th

Thank you David Ziff and Janice Beaty for taking and sending me the terrific photos from Expansion Meeting #1.

We had a great Expansion Meeting #2 last night with several parents, kids, and even a minister from the community--all interested in helping us to create a great, safe space for our kids to learn and grow! I kind of blew it and didn't have a camera lined up for meeting number 2 (so I may be calling the folks that were there last night to "stage" a shot at some point.)

I do have a photagrapher lined up tonight and will try not to drop that ball again.

This is historic and I want to document it every step of the way! (Alice Messick even took video for us Saturday!)

Click here for photos from Saturday's Event

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Building at 1411 North Ft. Harrison

Welcome to our new Blog for the Community Learning Center. A Blog is simply a "web log" or sort of an online journal. The purpose of this Blog is to keep all of you up to date on our latest expansion news

The Center has been operating at our existing location at 1611 North Fort Harrison for almost 10 years - 2007 is our 10th Anniversary. Practically since the day we opened we have been full of students, both young and old who have come to improve their literacy levels and frankly in most cases their lives.

However our existing building is just not big enough for everything we want to do to improve conditions in our community. And so we are working to secure our new facility at 1411 North Fort Harrison.

This over 7000 sq ft building was formerly the home of the Bill Irle Dinner Theatre and as such has a stage, kitchen and plenty of room. We can see lots of exciting things happening in this building. Additionally the building has parking for over 70 cars. Some of that parking space can be converted to green space, playground and basketball.

I wanted to put up some pictures of the new building. Just so you could see it.

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